Excursions and trekking tours in Sardinia

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Excursion and trekking tours in Sardinia

Anemos is an organisation of young tourist guides who wish to promote Sardinia in General, but more specifically the area of Gallura. The team offers a combination of different skills, knowledge and abilities within archeology, foreign languages and tourism. Anemos provides a variety of services related to the archaeological sites management, education (didactics), tourism and culture.

Beyond its white and fine sandy beaches, its green and turquoise waters and its celebrity events, Gallura offers a great opportunity to discover its natural, cultural, archaeological and historical patrimony.

Its activities are addressed to people in search of authentic experiences, people who are interested in learning about history, traditions, the way of life of our thousand-year old ancestors.
The aim of this company is to promote the area of Gallura and its customs and traditions through excursion, educational and cultural activities.